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Friday, September 17, 2010

Vintage Fashion...

I adore all things vintage.

And Vintage Fashion is just phenomenal.

Night Time Walks....

I don't know about you guys, but I love walks at night. Just sayin'.

The world is beautiful at night.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Trip Through Idaho...

I recently went on a drive through Idaho to sight-see and explore. Our first stop was Preston, Idaho, home of Napoleon Dynamite.

Stop #1:
Preston High School
Famous "Liger" scene
Stop #2:

Napoleon's House
Stop #3:
Tina the llama... although she is not black.. this is the one the locals refer to as Tina.
Stop #4:
The Famous Colored Lockers

Stop #5:
Ring any bells anyone?
Here, let me help...

Now you see it? haha

So, anyway, after Preston, Idaho, we headed to the site of the Bear River Massacre. For info look here at these sites:,,, &

Stop #1:
The information sign and the prayer trees.
Stop #2:
The insulting "monument" claims the killing of mostly women and children was a necessary thing, and calls it a battle. Facts are: 2 thirds of those killed were women and children, US soldier's thought these people savages, US soldiers cut open the wombs of pregnant women (after raping them) and wrapped the fetus' around their hats as trophies, 4-7 survived by swimming the frozen river, playing dead or being a child that a soldier couldn't kill.

Added after the original offensive plaque.
Stop #3:
Prayer trees.

My brother paying his respects.
Me preparing my corn offering.
Me creating a bow out of my guitar strap, to leave it as a offering and to show my respects.
Stop #4:
Stop #5:
Bear River
The eastern side.
The western side.
Stop #6:
The Bear River Massacre Valley. You can see the flat area where the Shoshone camped, the ridge that US soldiers surrounded the camp by, & the river the US crossed and some Natives escaped by.

Next, we drove and saw Red Rock Pass:
Stop #1:
Why didn't she die? ... O_O'

Next, we stopped at the Shoshone-Bannock Reservation in Idaho.
Stop #1:
Stop #2:
Um... yum.
Native hottie barebacking it. Ye-haw. ^_-
Meet Paul. Yum. :D

Next, we drove to the Crater's Of The Moon National Monument.

Stop #1:
Stop #2:
Stop #3:
My brother and I.
Stop #4:
Cinder Garden
Stop #5:
Crack in the lava flow.
Stop #6:
Stop #7:
Stop #8:
Stop # 9:
I got scared a bit here. >.<'
Me being glad to be out of that hole they called a cave... don't need a flashlight my ass.

Well, that was my trip to Idaho. :)