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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Ready For Classes To Start!

  Getting registered for classes this semester has been ... well, quite frankly, it's been a royal pain in my arse. Maybe it's just me, but, the community college systems of Texas seemed a whole lot simpler than Utah's.
  The online application process is actually really simple. You pay the application fee, fill out the form and then you get a letter in the mail once it has all been processed. Simple, easy, effective.
  However, the next steps after getting your admission letter is anything but simple, easy or effective, especially if you have already taken classes elsewhere. You have to go up to Salt Lake Community College's Student Center and hunt down the Transfer Office (which no one working there seems to be able to locate). Then you give your transcript to the nice ladies and they tell you that you are all ready to register for classes now. Well, you ask how to go about registering now and they smile and giggle and tell you that you do it online.
  So, you go home and get online and low-and-behold you can't. So, now what? Well, good damn question. Answer? You call the school and talk to someone that will know what the heck is going on, the Adviser. The kind people over the phone schedule you an appointment and viola! You show up ready to finally get answers and be able to register because the College Adviser's know what they are doing, right? ...right?
  Your name is called and a sweet lady calls you back into her office and asks you what you need help with. You smile and say, "To be honest, everything. I tried to register, but it wont let me online." After a nervous expression passes over her face, she plasters that smile back on (which is starting to look a little less than sweet) and frankly tells you she has NO idea why you aren't able to sign up for classes. So, she types away on the computer then laughs a sarcastic little laugh and turns to you and says, "Well, the problem is that you didn't give us permission to view your transcript."
  You blankly stare at her for a few minutes before answering intelligently with, "I beg your pardon?"
   Which of course leads to her sighing and glancing at the clock before answering in a dejected tone, "you have to fill out a form that says we are allowed to view your transcript."
  You blink several times before snorting attractively and saying, "Well, that's just stupid! Why would I give you my transcript if I didn't want you looking at it?"
   "It's our policy," she says as she glances at the clock.
   "Well, it's still stupid, but that's besides the point, they should have told me that when I gave it to them," you say with a groan because quite frankly, you are sick and tired of getting the run around.
   "Yeah, well," she says with a snooty air, "it is our policy and it has always been our policy. But, I have another appointment so..."
   "Well, that's all great and good, Ma'am, but this is my appointment and I haven't gotten any answers...." you sigh defeatedly, "can you at least tell me where to go to get this form?"
   "Online," she says as she shoos you out the door.
   That's right folks, online!!! So, you go home fill out the form wait the few days like it suggests and you go to register again.
  Well, you can't! So, you call the school again, and finally, finally! get someone that knows what the heck is going on. Turns out, the problem the whole time was because you applied in the Spring and this is the Fall semester. Apparently, the system gets confused. So, you are directed over to someone else and two minutes later, viola! It's all fixed. You are registered for classes and ready go.

If only one other person knew what they were doing, it might not have taken 3 weeks to get done! *SIGH*

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