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Friday, August 6, 2010

My Childhood Crush Became A Movie Star...

Today has been ...Woo... some day. but, let me start from the beginning...

So, I found out a week or so ago, via email from the ex-Step Sister, that my very first crush (and we are talking ever in my life), a young, skinny, blond teen with amazing eyes, dimples and a smile to die for, grew up to be... *drum roll*... come on take a guess! ... anyone? ... Well, fine I'll give you a hint:
  • He is Texan.
...Still no? Alright, here's some more:
  • He was in S. Darko.
  • He plays in a band.
...Still no? Well, damn people, come on now, you're stealing the fun out of it. Fine! Here some more hints:
  • That band goes by the name of the100 Monkeys.
  • And you might now him as the ass-kickin', sexy southern vampire, Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga.
Still no? *eye twitch* Alright, I think ya'll just wanted this all along:

That's right. My childhood crush grew up to be (although technically he always was...) Jackson freakin' Rathbone.

Needless to say, he was shorter, blonder (but not in the Jasper way. lol :P), and skinner. But, his smile is exactly the same, which is why my little 10 year old heart just couldn't handle the Jackson Rathbone, even back then.

We met through our parents (mine being my step-momster, Kay Nelson & his being his dad, whom I only remember as Mr. Rathbone, so that's what we'll say. :P) at a Exxon Mobile employee party... bash... thingy, that consisted of a live band and karaoke (you know, the kind that makes you wander just how many beers they've had?... yeah... that kind of karaoke), some carnival type games, a terrifying blow up jumpy...thingy (you know, those kiddie death traps?) and a pony ride (freakin' ponies y'all!!!!). The Step-Momster (or Cruella Deville....both are acceptable) went over to Mr. Rathbone to kiss some ass (rofl), and our families got introduced. Us being: The Step-Momster, The Sperm-Donor (my biological father), Kayla (the step-sister) and me. Them being: Mr. Rathbone, Mrs. Rathbone (who was way nice and all smiles), their daughter and, you guessed it, young "Jack" Rathbone.
Immediately, I felt my little 11 yr old heart flutter as Jack smiled that dimpled smile and said hello. And of course, older siblings being what they are, Kayla, noticed my starry eyed glances and my blush (i'm VERY pale, so when I blush, I blush!) and decided to pick on me endlessly about it.
After hanging out with the Rathbone's for a while and some company party photos (including a blushing me and a smirky Jackson) and some personal pics, Kayla was overheard, by the Step-Momster and the Sperm Donor, commenting about how I had a crush on "Jack" and singing the "Sitting In A Tree" song. (-_-''') They freaked out and yelled (silently of course) about how I shouldn't be looking at boys and then proceeded to drag me away and distract me (successfully) with the ponies. (It's freakin' Ponies!)
Don't hate on me. I was like 10 or 11 and ponies beat hot boy by a fact, they still might... It would be a tie.
Long story, shorter, I had a crush on "Jack" Rathbone until I turned 14 and Lord Of The Rings and Pirates Of The Carribean came out; Orlando Bloom then replaced young Jack's place in my teenie-bopper heart.

Now, if finding that out alone wasn't the coolest. Today, I was watching DJ Rossstar's Live Web Show: and they said, "Hey, send us your number and will have the 100 Monkeys give you a call." So, DUH, I send in my number and a snip-it of my Exxon Story and a few minutes later, my cell is ringing. And well, fast forward on the video to the 48:49 mark on the video. That's when our phone conversation starts. ^_^.

Pretty damn cool.

So, that was my day. :D

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