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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chapter Two: Turn A New Leaf

After arriving in Utah, me and my then boyfriend (who was still in Texas) were excitedly planning our future together... in Utah. He was to move the following summer and together we'd go to the U of U.

 These are pics of us: 1, on our way to visit Utah (before my move), and 2, checking out our future school (again before my move).

 However, shortly after my arriving in my new home, I came upon the realization that: 1. he really didn't want to move to Utah,and more importantly, 2. we weren't right for each other. No matter the pain involved, I ended it. Which resulted in a good few months of insults being exchanged, then apologies, some "i miss you's", a few "I hate you's", some naughty pics and im's, and finally I said ENOUGH!

This resulted in the severing of ALL communications with him. And in a way, lead to me evolving and finding myself. Which in turn lead to me creating this.

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