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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

GQ Encounter 2: Jacob Black Look-A-Like

A few days ago, My Mom, her boyfriend and I went to Barnes & Noble to get a cookbook called: Readers Digest: Down Home Cooking. We filed in and headed straight for the Starbucks, because lets face it, Starbucks is every coffee lovers brand of crack.

After getting my Soy Milk White Chocolate Mocha & Carmel Frapp, I said "see ya" to Mommy Dearest and went of to find a few books to devour. I spot the Fiction section and begin strolling and browsing down the first aisle.

From behind me, in a walk way just out of the Fiction section, two voices come close enough to hear. I perk my ears and listen like the sneaky ninja I am & like all women do. We try to decipher if their voices sound hot, cause odds are: if his voice sounds like sex, he is probably eye candy.

The first voice was from an older guy. He was talking about some literature and obviously trying to pour his "knowledge" out on to the other guy. Instantly, I was able to draw to conclusions:

1. The older gent felt the need to "out-do" the other guy and he saw him as competition,
2. This meant the second guy was most likely younger and better looking.
About time I draw these conclusions, a deep, smooth voice answers to the older guy. Instantly, my breath catches, 'dear Lord, could a voice say "I'm-a-sex-god" more than that!?!?'

After, recovering (slightly), I chance a glance over my shoulder to see first the older gent. I was dead on. He was about 45-50, rather short and rather chunky. He had his hands on his hips and his shoulders squared as he rambled on about what was most likely bullshit. I put my hand over my mouth to choke back a giggle.

That's when a pair of brown eyes catch mine, my breathing stops and my face instantly flushes. The second guy is looking right at me with a knowing smirk. He had heard my giggle and apparently agreed with my opinion of the older guy. I smiled at him and was rewarded with a blindingly white smile.

The older guy looked up at the 6'something, hotty of a man hunk and repeated something, all though the words I couldn't recall. Apparently, hottness didn't notice either, because he didn't move his eyes from my gaze. Old man glances in my direction in annoyance. I blush and spin around to face the books.

As I attempt to collect myself, (and most importantly, not hyperventilate) I assess mentally the hotty behind me.

He was at least 6'3, easily more. Lean built, with a nice chest and arms. (I thank whoever made the shirt he had on, cause dear lord did it fit him snugly.) He was obviously of Native American decent, with his dark complexion and his long black hair. His eyes were brown, but like a honey brown. His mouth screamed "kiss me" and he had a perfect, panty dropping smile. This is what Jacob Black (from Twilight) would look like if he was around my age and hotter.

I shifted unconsciously. Oh yeah, this guy was for sure a 20 on a 1-10 scale.

I zoned back into their conversation just in time to hear the old guy say, "Let me show you this over here." The air shifted around me and the older guy walked past me bringing with him a super strong, super nasty cologne scent with him. Then a warmer, musk and spice scent hit me. I swooned even more, 'even "Mr. Jacob's" smell is addicting'. A warm hand brushes against mine and I glance up to see him wink at me as he passes to follow the other guy.

A shiver runs through me. I stand there blinking at the bookshelf trying to wrap my mind around what just happened. When my mom's voice calls from behind. I whirl around to find her looking at me with her eyes wide and her brows raised in that universal girl body talk of 'Holy Hell, did you see that! He is hot'. I shake my head in agreement when she says something about... something. We part ways and I go back to looking for a book.

I find Vampire Darcy's Desire and nab it, then head off to the New Age section for kicks. As I dodge a hefty woman with a bad attitude, and re-balance my feet work, I feel like someone is watching me. I glance of to my right to find the Jacob-Look-a-like watching me with a sexy ass smirk. Apparently, he had seen my near death experience with Rhino Hag and then my near eat the carpet move, and found it amusing. 'Sexy, cocky bastard.'

I threw him a smile as I walk past him to the New Age. I'm browsing but finding nothing, so I turn to leave only to smack into a firm, warm chest. That's right, it's Mr. Sexy Native Man. He chuckles and says sorry.

I smile (and blush) and say, "Your sorry? I ran into you."

He smiles a brilliant smile, "I guess so," his face goes mock serious, "you should watch were your going."

I laugh, "I should," I manage to tease back, but I turn serious and quickly add, "I am sorry. Are you alright?"

To this I get a booming laugh, "I'm fine. I'm more worried about you." He gives me an eye over.

I blush and stammer out that I'm fine. He smiles, then old man comes round the corner and says he found the book. Sexy Jacob guy gives me an exasperated look then smiles and winks, before following the Older Guy (whom I really want to punch in the face).

I finish up browsing and decide to go look for Mom.

As I walk I read the back of The Other Mr. Darcy, I round the corner to the Fiction section and smack into a warm, firm chest, which rumbles with laughter.
That's correct my Dear's, I ran into Hotty twice. I start stumbling out apologies, which causes him to laugh and smile and shake his hands dismissively, "It's alright. No biggie. I don't mind a pretty girl running into me," he sends me a wink.

"Oh, umm..." I blush and look down awkwardly.

He chuckles, "Here let me help you," he says as he reaches for the two large books I'm balancing with my coffee and wallet.

Just then Mom and her boyfriend round the corner, "Oh! There you are!"

Jacob Look-A-Like blushes (muah ha ha! Pay back!) and takes a step away from me, causing me to notice just how close we had been. "I was just looking for you," I answer her and sneakily send her a 'Don't you dare say a word' look.

Of course mom's awkward, personal space invading boyfriend is now standing way to close the Hotty-Jacob Dude, that he shifts uncomfortably. I give him an apologetic look, and he smiles back shyly. "Thank you. And I'm sorry about running into you... again," I say to him.

He chuckles, "Don't worry about it and the pleasure was all mine." He smiles and waves before turning and walking away, but not before giving Mom's boyfriend an odd look.

I sigh as I watch him round a corner, but was pulled out of my thoughts by Mom, "he was cute," she wriggles her brows.

I roll my eyes, "You could say that." I pass her boyfriend an 'just for the record, I hate you' glance.

She smiles before leading me to the front door, "He looks like Jacob Black, from those Twilight movies, if only he was older... and hotter.”

I laugh, as that was what was going through my mind at that exact moment.

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