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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Someone Jacked My Work!!!

I'm an author on So far I only have one story, cause I work slow and such. But I was happy to have found a place to post my creativity and it not be copied and plagiarized.

Well, I checked my account today and I have this as a review:

2010-04-09 . chapter 1
So I am not a big commenter, but I thought you would like to know someone has coppied your work. You might have gave her permission, but it doesn't say so. Also a big hint is all of it is Harry Potter, but then one part says,"Katara grabs my arm, "Zuko… You can sleep under the blankets. I trust you."
and it has a bit more. Once again, I thought I would let you know.

I'm SO very glad that this Sarah was nice enough to tell me. But OMG! Am I angry!

People that copy other people's works are the worst kind of people. I work hard for my ideas and when I write something I like enough to want to share it, I'd like to not be copied. -sigh-

Oh! If fan fictions are your thing, here's my link:

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