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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How To Annoy Jasper Hale:

How To Annoy Jasper Hale:

1. When Jasper is retreating (for any reason) put on a thick southern accent and yell 'run, Jasper run'

2. When Jaspers being quiet in the corner sing the 'emo kid' song under your breath.

3. End every conversation with 'Yes Sir!'

4. Call him Jasper Cullen

5. When he objects say 'thats not what Maria told me' and walk away

6. Think about him lustfully

7. When he asks you about the above reply with 'Jeesh someones vain how do you know it was directed at you?' and leave him hanging

8. Tell him that the real reason that Edward gave him the bike is that he feels sorry for him

9. Be sure to let him know that Jasper is the least favourite Cullen brother (in the Cullens eyes)

11. Ask him whether Ghosts are real. Whatever his answer is reply with 'Have you got a cousin named Casper?'

12. Sing 'I just met a girl called Marie' to him

13. Give yourself a paper cut

14. Ask him whether he and Edward make a habbit of arguing over a lamb.

15. Ask him what it feels like being demoted from army leutenent to high schooler

16. Walk into the room as quietly as possible then yell 'Attent hut!'

17. Ask him how clean his 'record' is

18. Write 'turn over' on both sides of a peice of paper (blond joke)

19. Constantly flicker between emotions and when he gets angry calm down and tell him to follow your lead.

20. Steal fake blood from Carlisle's supply and squirt it all over his room. Video the reaction.

Hope you enjoyed it! lol


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