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Friday, July 23, 2010

W.T.Fudge Friday's...

I saw this:
And, I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. I mean, sure, tasseled nipple pasties are great if your Dita Von Tease.

But other wise, tasseled pasties are a No-no. And what on God's green earth makes you think that tasseled pasties are okay to attach to the outside of your clothing???  And don't get me started on the glasses. >.<

In the same runway show was this ... outift... for men:

Umm... What The Fudge was this designer thinking? The dude is not only wearing a candy cane styled onesy, but his make-up reminds me of those scary mutha freakin' mimes. No part of this is okay. Oh... oh, what was that? This is you expressing your love of Paris, the city of love and romance. I'm sorry but what part of these two outfits expresses either love or romance? Cause if I saw these two walking the street, the only thoughts that would fill my mind would be thoughts of running in the opposite direction or wondering how big the ugly stick was that they were beaten with.

Artistic expression?

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