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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paperback Swapping Online...

I recently went to Wendover, NV, a hole-in-the-wall wanna-be Las Vegas but 1/30th the size. I was reading Pride and Prejudice by the pool when a lady in her 40's walked up and asked what I was reading.

  She was kind, but way energetic and way excited, (think Alice Cullen but in 40 yr old form). Aside from being thrown a bit off guard by her ramblings, she introduced me to a website called Paperback Swap. (

 It's actually a really cool website that allows you to trade books off over the internet. Mind you, once you send off a book it is no longer yours, so keep that in mind, but for people such as myself that easily spend $40+ a paycheck on books, a number of which turn out to be crappy or not worth keeping, then this allows you to get rid of those books and only spend about $2-3 on "new" books.

The requirements are that the book has to be in pretty good shape and it can have no markings inside such as name, highlighting or notes. And, to get started, you have to have at least 10 books to trade off. That is their way to make sure that their are always books in the system.

Check it out. It's a bookworms heaven.

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